Archery in South Shropshire/North Herefordshire

Archery in South Shropshire/North Herefordshire

Android app - Club Records PDF Print


Android Applicaton - 'AoT Club Records' ver 1.3 Apr 2014

Some screenshots from the emulator:


This experimental app can be downloaded to your PC or Android phone here.

Or use a QR barcode scanner to download direct to your Android smartphone.


Please let me know how it performs on your phone or tablet.



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You will probably have to enable 'Unknown sources' in your application settings to be able to install this app.

The app connects to a web service which gets the data from the live database.
A good Internet connection is essential - either Wifi or 3G (or better).

Good QR barcode scanners are available for free from the Google Play.

The QR barcode above was generated with TEC-IT Barcode Software.

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