Archery in South Shropshire/North Herefordshire

Archery in South Shropshire/North Herefordshire

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We have set up a field archery course in the woods at the back of Moor Park. Some of you may be wondering what it is all about and whether you are allowed/capable of having a go. Yes of course you are!

Field archery is another branch of our beloved sport which has as ardent and enthusiastic a following a s target archery. It is not restricted to the longbow; barebow, recurve and compound bows can be used as well. And you don’t have to wear Robin Hood outfits and silly hats, although it has been known to put off the opposition!

There are different ways to score according to which club is holding the shoot/how serious the organisers are and the standard of archers shooting. The most obvious differences are the lie of the land, where you may be shooting uphill, downhill, around trees, over streams etc. and that the distances are not marked, thereby adding a complete new skill of judging distances. I know some members are not keen to shoot at pictures of animals, but unfortunately at present that is what our targets are, however Fita and GNAS competitions shoot at roundel targets just like our regular target faces. We would hope, eventually, to progress to what are known as 3D targets; large high density foam targets in the shape of the various animals.

Paul and I have set up a round of about 12 targets, 6 of which are out in the woods permanently (trespassers/Moor Park children permitting) and the rest, which are at present stored in my trailer, need to be set up and taken down for each shoot, just as we do with the target bosses. This is to try and restrict the losses should the course get interfered with by trespassers.

We have scheduled 3 dates for this spring when Paul and I will be shooting in the woods and we hope that some other members of the club will have a go too. If anyone wants to shoot on any other Sunday, that is fine but you will need to check with me for the rest of the targets which as I say are stored in my trailer.

We are not sure about timing yet, but I envisage setting up the course at about 1.30pm, shooting one round of 12 targets starting at 2.15ish, then a tea break followed by another round of 12 targets to finish at 4.30ish.
Please come and join us down in the woods.

31st January - completed
28th February - completed
21st March - completed



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