Archery in South Shropshire/North Herefordshire

Archery in South Shropshire/North Herefordshire

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The fourth 'Bonfire Rove' was held on Sat 1st Nov at Moffats School, Kinlet.

We put on this shoot under the auspices of The Archers of Teme and The Shropshire Fraternity of Longbows, a group started about 5 years ago to extend the opportunities for longbow shooting, and to branch out from the valid, but limited arena of target shooting.

Roving marks is a discipline dating from medieval times where military archers (and later on sporting archers) could practice their skills at a range of distances, over varying terrain shooting at 'marks' which could be trees, rocks, mounds or in the case of the Finsbury Fields, stone markers. This year 38 archers, some in Fraternity livery and medieval costume, came from all over Shropshire, and some beyond, to Kinlet, to shoot at Medieval flags across the wonderful undulating estate of Moffats School.

The day traditionally starts with a mead toast 'to the longbow'. The first ranging target is our old friend Boris (the wild boar) with pork scratchings as a prize. Then up and down dale, over trees, blind shots, volleys, whistling arrows and a speed shoot at pumpkins saw us back for lunch. A wonderful lunch provided by members of AoT of soups and traditional puddings fortified the archers for an afternoon of the same, ending with a 'split the wand' shoot. Scores were totalled, prizes awarded (mead to the winners of course) and accolades paid – well done Jim for 2nd place, Alison for 3rd and Jack for Junior Boys. Congratulations to Louis and Ken (what a great bow you were using!) for their first longbow shoot.

The finale was the fire arrow shoot. A range of home-made arrows and various inflammable concoctions were lit from a brazier and launched 60 yards to attempt to light the bonfire, atop which sat Guy Fawkes. Much hilarity, some successful fire-flashes, a few damp squibs and some great photographs courtesy of Jim, and we left for home vowing to return next year.

Photos and Results


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